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Brooklyn, NY 11238
Cell - 646-259-1451

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Services Offered By Emily

Who Are Emily’s Clients?

Emily’s clients include people of all ages and abilities, from infants to the elderly, from professional athletes and dancers to hospice patients. Emily works with performers, movers and shakers, teachers, instructors, doctors, nurses, health practitioners, lawyers, office assistants, 9-5ers, artists, people recovering from all types of injuries and surgeries, cancer patients, trauma survivors, pregnant women, parents, grandparents. I believe Bodywork in the form of Massage, Positional Therapy, Yoga, Personal Training and Hula-Hooping has unique ways to give our mind, body and spirit more room for movement, more room for our natural curves and alignment, more room for growth, more room for releasing, more room for strengthening, more room for breath and awakening, more room for pleasure.

Therapeutic Massage Modalities

Pre Natal and Post Natal Massage, Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Medical Massage, Chair Massage, Reflexology, Myofascial,Trigger Point, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Positional Therapy, Reiki and Energy Work.

Yoga Offerings

Hatha Yoga, Children's Yoga, CircusYoga, Meridian Yoga.

Athletic Injury Healing

Specific speciality in helping athletes recover from injuries, often resulting from the strain of training for competition.

Personal Training Offerings

Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Endurance Training, Core Building, Alignment Awareness Building.

Why Hula-Hoop?

Hula-Hooping is not just a childhood sport anymore. These Hula-Hoops are weighted and have a special tape that sticks to you slightly, allowing you to maintain the hula-hooping for longer! Hula-Hooping is incredibly good for your core strength, and a strong core supports all your daily activities. Hula hooping develops core musles such as the transverse abdominals and the obliques, and it's good for your legs, glutes and arms. Hula-Hooping is a great form of Cardio exercise and it's a fun way to achieve your work out goals!

What is Meridian Yoga?

Meridian Yoga is a combination of Yoga Poses, Hands On Assistance, PNF Resistance Stretching, Breath Work, Shiatsu and Thai Massage.

Inventor Daniel Orlansky says, "Meridian Yoga opens the pathways that allow prana to flow throughout the body and helps bring harmony, lightness and joy to one's entire being." ~Daniel Orlansky.

What is Positional Therapy?

Positional Therapy is a Physical Therapy Technique, which some call a "Magic-Technique." In Positional Therapy, the hips are considered the foundation of good alignment. With a house, when the foundation goes out of alignment, the first thing to show the effect is the chimney. In the body, when the hips go out of alignment, you feel it first in the neck and shoulders. By squaring off the hips, the "chimney" is being corrected. Positional Therapy consists of two parts, a muscle energy technique and a strain and counter strain technique. The muscle energy work, like sports massage, deals with assisted stretching and resisting. Strain and counter strain works with the tender points of the body, bringing the origin of the muscle to the insertion of the muscle. This slackens the muscle, relaxes the tender points and releases them, thereby correcting the body's imbalances to improve movement, alignment and health. Positional Therapy is easy to learn and maintain on your own.

What is a Partner Positional Therapy Class?

Partner Positional Therapy is a private tutorial with for you and your partner or a friend. You will learn safe Positional Therapy techniques: Muscles Energy Technique and Strain and Counter Strain. These techniques are simple to learn and work wonders for the recipient receiver. Positional Therapy protects your body as the giver from fatiguing fast and getting injured. This is a beneficial way to incorporate a different kind of touch and healing in your lives.

What is a Partner Massage Class?

Partner Massage is a private tutorial for you and your partner or a friend. Through safe, relaxing, deep massage, you will learn techniques that are easy to do and feel good to your partner. We will go through ways to do a healing and deep massage while protecting your body from fatiguing and getting injured. Touch is so important to our being. Partner massage is another beneficial way to incorporate a different kind of touch and healing in your lives.

What is a Partner Yoga Class?

Partner Yoga is another kind of private tutorial for you and your partner or a friend. You and your partner will learn to assist each other, either as partners or individuals. It's a class that builds trust, opens energy and builds strength and flexibility. It's a class that allows both parties to go deeper in their practice. It's a class about being rooted to the earth while lengthening to the sky, with playful energy, connection and alignment.

Who is CircusYoga for? What is it?

CircusYoga is for EVERYONE! For adults & kids ages 7 to 97!

CircusYoga is about play, body awareness and connection!

CircusYoga explores Community & Mandala Yoga, Partner Yoga, Flying & Acrobatics, Group Games & Invention, Clowning & Physical Comedy, Balance & Equilibristics, Dance & Creative Movement, and even Partner Thai Massage.

When are the Group Classes?

Children's Yoga Class
Create your own class. Gather 2 or 3 of your child's friends and pick a time!

This class is catered for children from 4-6 years old. We will use this time to start building muscles, increasing flexibility, stability and promoting movement in their life! This helps children become more comfortable and confident in their bodies and gives them some important relaxation tools as well as it's lots of fun!

CircusYoga Party for your Kids!

CircusYoga Party?
A time for fun and expansion! Gather a group of your kids friends together and lets play CircusYoga! Involving Playful Energy, Community & Mandala Yoga, Partner Yoga, Flying & Acrobatics, Group Games & Invention, Clowning & Physical Comedy, Balance & Equilibristics, Dance & Creative Movement, Partner Thai Massage and so much delight! lots of laughter!


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