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Email yogaemz@gmail.com with your testimonial and we will post your experience. Thank you!

Testimonial #1

"My New Year's resolution for 2008 was to exercise and experience better health and living. Through a work colleague I made contact with Emily. I have been doing the personal training program two to three mornings a week. The results have been excellent. The sessions are fun and rewarding. I am feeling so much healthier in only three months, (25lbs lighter!), and I am excited to continue learning and working with Emily. The massages are excellent too!"
Chris - Solar Energy Systems, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #2

"I highly recommend visiting Emily and her sanctuary! I have had a yoga class and several deep tissue sessions with her. Emily's vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology informs her work, and her intuitive energy is amazing. Can't wait to have another session soon!"
Emma McGregor, Manhattan NY

Testimonial #3

"After not having done yoga (let alone any exercise) for the past three years, I passed by Emily's studio on the way home from work one night and on a whim I emailed. Within a few days I was signed up for one of her amazing classes. I attended with a bit of apprehension, yet Emily was very warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease right away. After years of being in large classes where it's easy to go unnoticed, having such an intimate setting really put the focus on what I was doing properly and what needed adjustment; It was almost like having a private session. I had such a wonderful experience that first night that I have permanently signed up for class once a week. One of the best parts is that at the beginning of each class, she asks if there is something we would like to work on. One night I came in with intense back pain; We worked on one position and my pain was gone that night… it was incredible.

With an intense week and busy schedule, it's really nice to have one day of the week end on such a wonderful note. I can honestly say I haven't felt this peaceful in many years."
Heather Guthrie, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #4

"I have worked with Emily for both group and individual yoga instruction. I was immediately impressed by her vast knowledge of human anatomy, and how the various poses work the different muscles of the body. Similarly, I took note of her attention to helping her students achieve proper alignment in the asanas, even when this means taking time out to show the student a modification that will work better for his/her own body. I now have a personal understanding the added value one gets from working with a yoga teacher who is also a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer. Lastly, Emily's cheerful and encouraging personality make working with her a pleasure."
Lauren Porsch, Manhatten NY

Testimonial #5

"Emily Huber has healing hands and a healing heart. She's an inspired massage-therapist and an inspiring individual."
Sheila Callahan, Manhattan NY

Testimonial #6

"Emily is amazing, she really does "see through her hands", it's almost as if you don't have to tell her where you sore spots are! If you ever need a massage, I HIGHLY recommend her! "
Darlinda Just Darlinda Performance Artist and Burlesque Performer, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #7

"Emily is wonderful. I was moving through my day a little too fast. I fell down and injured my shoulder. Emily saw me right away and helped restore movement and balance throughout my body. She Rocks!"
Toshi Reagon, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #8

"I heart Emily! After suffering from a painful kink in my neck for over a year I finally decided I needed to get it (among other intermittent back issues) taken care of and took the recommendation of a friend to call Emily. I figured that it would take at least a few sessions to work the kink out, however a couple of days after the very first massage, it was gone! It was like a gift to be able to turn my neck in all directions without pain for the first time in so long. So I am of course grateful to her for that. But in addition to that and through more sessions, I've also come to appreciate massage not only as a treat (which indeed it is!), but also as both a preventative and restorative means to better physical and mental health. And I think of Emily in particular, as a kind of healer, who becomes familiar with my body and its individual tendencies and administers the appropriate remedy. I find it refreshing and reassuring to know that there is someone as caring and dedicated to her craft as Emily on my side."
Phoebe Summersquash, Queens NY

Testimonial #9

"I first came to Seeing Through the Hands Studio about a month ago. I have had terrible posture and shallow breathing most of my life. I always felt more comfortable sitting with a slouched back, shoulders rounded and head forward. With Emily's stretches and gentle guidance I have made tremendous progress in SUCH a short amount of time! Emily was able to observe in detail which muscles I needed to stretch in order for my chest to open up. She gave me a series of simple yet challenging n stretches to do at home and in class, and everyone I know is already complimenting me on my improvement. Breathing deep has ever been easier for me, I look and feel taller and i wake up looking forward to seeing how my body improves every time I practice. I would highly recommend Emily's yoga class to anyone, as they are tailored to one's individual needs and taught with grace and love."
Nathalie Lewis, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #10

"I went to Emily at the urging of a good friend. I waited and waited and waited until I was in enough pain to call her in, what felt like, an emergency. I'm so sorry I waited so long-- it feels like I've found a secret, buried treasure right in the middle of Brooklyn. Emily absolutely, without question has a very special gift-- and truthfully it feels more like a magical power."
Rachel Friedman, Life Coach, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #11

"I started my yoga practice with Emily at Seeing Through the Hands to help me get fit after my first pregancy because nothing else I had tried worked. Not only is it a relaxing, and peaceful time, but I haven't felt better in years. I've also been able to continue yoga through my 2nd pregnancy, and it's made all the difference. I feel better and more engergized than my first. Emily's thoughtfullness and professionalism have been awesome, and she is totally tuned in to my needs, customizing my practice to my pregnancy. Seeing Through the Hands rocks and I highly recommend Emily!"
Jen Watts, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #12

"Emily's prenatal massages are the best in the world! She is very considerate and thorough, and with all the aches and pains that come w/ pregancy, Emily's massages are the cure! I highly recommend!"
Jen Watts, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #13

"I started working with Emily after years of strength training in the weight room. I play women's professional football and have always thought that lifting weights would help improve my game and make me stronger. I started doing personal training sessions with Emily focusing on core body work and stretching. I definitely needed the stretching routine as I am not the most flexible person to say the least. I am impressed at how intense her workouts are, working with my own body weight is extremely challenging and she pushes me to stretch my comfort zone. Don't let her warm and sparkly appearance deceive you, Emily has me drenched in sweat by the end of a session. She is also an amazing massage therapist. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer, yoga instructor or massage therapist, she is truly gifted."
Laura Kulaw, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #14

"I found Emily in a search for a massage therapist that graduated from the Swedish Institute, as I am just beginning my massage therapy training there. the experience of receiving shiatsu and swedish/sports massage from her has made me much more excited to pursue this career. A massage from Emily is absolute bliss, a lasting rush of containment consciousness, and I left her feeling like my life had improved. Her massage reminded me of the gift of being in this body. she is so caring and generous with her time (and talent!!) I honestly can't wait for another session. And, for those of us starting a frugal new year... check out the early bird special!!"
Chelsea Lorber, Brooklyn, NY

Testimonial #15

"If you're in the tri-state area, I *HIGHLY* recommend Emily Huber for body work."
Natasha Muniz, The Bronx NY

Testimonial #16

"I'd never had a professional massage before, and when unprecedented physical pain drove me to Emily she far exceeded my hopes. The massage was incredible both in how relaxing it was and in how technically proficient Emily was — she clearly knows her craft through and through. Even better, Emily didn't just give me a stopgap solution; she talked me through the root causes of the problem and showed me ways that I could learn from this symptom and work to improve my health more generally."
Fureigh, The Shondes, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #17

"Emily your hands are magical! Thanks so much for turning me into a mush. I'm still floaty. =)"
Nedra Jonhson, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, The Bronx NY

Testimonial #18

"Perhaps it's trite to call a massage therapist a miracle worker but Emily is very close!. She not only helped me with my joint pain, she also coached me with important self-care tips."
Kelli Dunham, Comedian, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #19

"The name of Emily's studio, Seeing Through the Hands, is literally perfect. She can sense and treat the needs of your body the way only a true healer can. I am so glad I found her and know her and feel total trust putting myself in her hands."
Angela Jimenez, Photographer, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #20

"As a massage therapist, I have often wished for the ability to replicate myself in order to receive the thorough and satisfying body work I give others. My first session with Emily felt like that wish came true. Her technique and intuitive awareness provided the comprehensive restoration I needed. She is definitely my local "go-to" bodyworker from now on!"
Jessica Egan, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #21

"Coming from a yoga background but being an avid gym-goer, I'd always wanted to work with a personal trainer but was turned off by the trainers I'd seen at the gym. It took a long time to find someone who understands the place of both yoga and traditional cardio/strength training methods and could offer me a healthy blend of both. Emily was well worth the wait! I look forward to greeting the day with her sunny disposition and genuine love for what she does. Her commitment to her clients' healing and well-being is unmatched."
Michelle Neuringer, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #22

"Emily, thank you for the fantastic massage and wonderful tips! I feel taller and lighter today! After all those hours studying and writing at the computer, my neck really needed some serious help - and I found it in your hands. As an Italian living in California, I have tried many massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and reflexologies, both in Europe and in the US. You are among my very favorite ones. I am so happy I found you in my brief stay in NYC. I will continue to practice the poses you taught me and to look at your stretching videos. Thank you so much making me feel better."
Cgiara Logli, California

Testimonial #23

"Emily Huber is one of the best massage therapists I've ever gone to. She is very giving, cares a lot, and has a very warm and inviting energy about her. She provides helpful advice regarding wellness and it's been beneficial working with her. She is the kind of professional massage therapist that you want for treatment."
Jaime Carrillo, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #24

"Wow. That was one of the best massages of my life. Emily, your hands move like water. My muscles feel calm for the first time since I've become a student. I could go on and on!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Ashley Harness, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #25

"Emily Huber's massages are intuitive, it's as though her hands know exactly where to go to help me work through physical and emotional knots. I feel completely secure and wholeheartedly trust Emily with my body."
Rachel Winard, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #26

"Just had an awesome massage with Emily Huber, she untangled the 1000 and 1 knots in my neck... I'm a new woman"
Grace Moon, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #27

"Dearest sparkly woman, thank-you so much for yesterday and the energy that came through your hands into my body. It was intense and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your gift with me. "
Jane Anderson, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #28

"After a massage from Emily, I feel completely relaxed and joyful! Her knowledge is extensive, and her touch refreshing! It is clear that this is much more than her work--through her touch it is apparent that she is passionate about what she does, and the love flows through every massage she gives. For those that have walked through the Michigan woods--Emily's massages are a blissful reminder of that glorious feeling."
Allison Bear, LAVA Company Member, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #29

"Emily, I feel so lucky to be getting massages from you! Your touch is so precise and confident, yet gentle and intuitive. You are so gifted. xo Sarah"
Sarah Hirshan, Pilates Instructor, LAVA Company Member, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #30

"Ok, I just came back from the most unbelievable massage. I mean I left floating if not a little high. The best. She found the source of my back woes in my toes. If you need someone to lay their hands on you and make right what aint. Check Emily Huber out. Here is her email: yogaemz@gmail.com. I sware by her!"
Hanifah Walidah, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #31

"Can you see my joy? Emily Huber is fantastic. I am so blissed out"
Olive Demetrius, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #32

"Feeling really nice after a massage yesterday from Emily Huber in Brooklyn. She has such a caring, lovely touch. I highly recommend her! And her daytime special rates are outstanding."
Sarah Pappas, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #33

"Recently home from a most delightful massage from Emily Huber. She left me in state of calm and now I'm bursting with energy... How does she do it???"
Desiree Mistretta , Long Island NY

Testimonial #34

"A friend recommended Emily to me as a massage therapist last year and I feel so lucky for it! I can honestly say she gives the best massage I've ever had and I've gotten massages from New York to New Zealand. She has an intuitive sense of what muscles to work on. Plus she's really sweet and has a cozy place!"
Laura Graham, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #35

"Really thank you for our session yesterday. When I left your house, I was so grounded + light in my body and was moving as slow as the earth and that felt amazing. I don't know if you knew how much you were taking on when I first walked into your space -- but you are a great healer and i'm glad and stunned that it has been so possible for me to open up the way I need and want to. My chest is still open... So thank you."
Kara Lynch, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #36

"I would absolutely recommend Emily as a yoga instructor and massage therapist! Her yoga instruction was clear and reassuring and allowed me to challenge myself without fear or anxiety. The massage was transporting -- I don't know how Emily knew exactly what kind of stroke and what level of pressure I needed in different parts of my body -- but she did! I felt I was in the hands of a master and was able to relax completely."
Sherri Venokur, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #37

"Ok, NYC friends--I just got back from my massage therapist Emily Huber and had the most amazing experience ever (yes, I'm evangelizing). She's just started doing position therapy, and all that I can say is that it's MAGICAL! If you have any body stuff going on, you must look her up!

I've spent the last many years in regular pain from an old hiking injury and what I like to refer to as "scholar's shoulder." Whenever I go for massage, I know that I'm pretty much in for an hour of discomfort, but that the benefits are well worth it. Today, all that changed. My trigger points are gone and were released pain free! I do not believe that this is a quick fix, but something that will need to be maintained in body memory over time. But that said, I spent most of my session laughing and saying, "This is ridiculous!" or "This is unbelievable!" because I was so flabbergasted by the results. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, otherwise check out Emily's page--she also offers student discounts and has early-bird specials mornings Mondays-Wednesdays! Really, it's totally amazing!"
Celene Lillie, NYC

Testimonial #38

"Not only did Emily's clear instructions for a few slackening positions help me find immediate relief when I was in acute pain from a pinched sciatica, but her continued knowledge and insight are helping me to find a new balance and ease in my body that I have long sought.

She is clearly a gifted healer who is trained in a variety of traditions and techniques. Her generosity with information and ideas as well as her supportive and positive nature inspire me to find my ideal path to well-being."
Julie Strong, Manhattan NY

Testimonial #39

"i wanna write these things down. the way a straw vibrating in it's lid makes a sound like a flock of geese. it's magic. i feel magic and i'm vibrating right now. my hearing has changed. the light is different.

emily huber has a studio in her apartment in brooklyn. she is an artist. she can make you fly. she is a magician. she doesn't use drugs or smoky mirrors, but she uses her hands. and spirit - she has a tickly, funny, warm spirit that reaches in and tries to get you to come out from wherever you are. (me, i'm on the floor). emily is a healer. she is a maseuse, yogi, spiritual, spirited health practitioner. recently after hearing about her via. my boss, moon and the lovely ladies of lava, (and so many others...) i went to see her for a massage. we ended up doing positional therapy and massage. emily went way over the hour. i was in serious pain. she talked about the little things, and the story that each one of us has invented for ourselves. i really appreciated hearing about that. i wanna know more. i definitely plan on going to see emily again. i seriously have been hearing about emily FOREVER. i know i've probably met her / hung out with her and just don't remember. my story - part of my story, and what i told emily about when i walked in to her studio / when i was filling out the initial consent / form for the practice) was dealing with the history of anorexia, obesity, bulemia. the "hypervigalence" that hovers around. i sort of freaked when i was s'posed to take off my clothes. (i opened the door and asked "my pants too?" - ("yes!") we found out the half frog is my pose. it's not actually my lower back, like i thought - it's my 2 joints? my siatica? we released them and it was awesome. my legs were 2 different lengths when i went in, and emily made them even again. it's all about the hips. mine are fucked up. i felt like i was floating on a cloud. i forgot to say - when i walked in, em greeted me with a cup of water. how cool is it to be greeted with a cup of water? (especially on a 101 degree day?) i have wished i was there a that cup of water threshhold so many times since i went. i can't believe it was only 2 days ago - it seems like so long ago. positional therapy is truly magic. emily applies pressure to a point on your body. she'll ask - "does this hurt?" or "is this tender?" and usually it is. so she'll adjust it, and then apply the same pressure to the same point, only this time there's no pain or tenderness (thus the magic) poof... just like that. and you'll think she's not pressing as hard or something, but she totally is! this was the magic and "little things" emily was talking about (that i love) - one of the many very simple things we can do to release. it doesn't have to be, like we all tend to think, these gigantic, enormous things we must do perfectly. it's just... little things. magic. xoxo"
Katina Douveas, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #40

"Getting worked on by Emily was truly incredible. She is extremely good at what she does, and is sensitive and caring as well. I felt very seen in terms of what I needed at the time and felt so good afterward!"
Elijah Oberman, The Shondes, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #41

"As a musician, I was SO grateful to get to work with Emily. She listens carefully and is incredibly skilled at what she does, coming up with a personalized strategy for addressing your issues. She helped me figure out a number of a problems I was having and how to better address them, particularly before performances. I can't wait to go back!"
Louisa Rachel Solomon, The Shondes, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #42

"Positional therapy with Emily completely blew my mind -- in the best of ways! I feel aligned and relaxed in muscles I didn't even know I had, and Emily was so awesome to work with and learn from about this stuff!"
Temim Fruchter, The Shondes, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #43

My mother was really happy with the massage you gave her on Wednesday. She had two massages with someone else while you were away. Although this other person came highly recommended, my mother said there was no comparison - you are the best. For the whole day, she had absolutely no pain anywhere in her body, which is unusual for her, and she was in the best shape imaginable for her long trip back to Europe.

After first hearing of Emily Huber through a Lava fundraiser last year, I taken both my teenage daughter and my elderly mother to her for massage therapy. We have been really happy. My mother suffers from ostheoporosis and has long-standing serious issues with alignment but after a session from Emily she was able to walk upright with no pain. Since then, whenever she visits from Europe, a massage from Emily is very high on her list. My mother has seen other massage therapists, but says there is no comparison. My teenage daughter had a knee injury and problems from tension, and also came home feeling very calm, re-aligned and pain-free.
Francesca Zaccheo, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #44

"Because of Emily Huber and Seeing Through the Hands my neck pain is gone, I can turn my head again, and I'm generally a happier person in the world. If you haven't experienced her massage and positional therapy, NOW is the time."
Rose Calucchia, Personal Trainer, LAVA Company Member, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #45

"Just had a session with the great Emily! She has the most healing touch. If you'...re in pain, or just want some pampering, go see Emily. She's a delicious person and will make you feel new again!"
Natalia Zukerman, Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Testimonial #46

"I drooled on your floor and cried on your table today. Thank you. I will travel from Baltimore for bodywork from Emily. She is amazing."
Henry Densmore, Baltimore

Testimonial #47

"Emily's MAGICAL...She even broke down this massage resister!"
Fae Goodman, Durham NC

Testimonial #48


Can I tell you how fabulous my body has felt this week?! You are seriously magical. I felt a difference in my body as soon as I was walking to the train from your apartment, but I didn't think it would last this long! And I've been dancing a lot this week, so it's incredible that I've barely had any pain in my left hamstring/quad at all! I seriously can't get over it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I've been telling all of my dancer friends about you and positional therapy, so hopefully there will be some more dancers headed your way. One of my teachers asked if I could give her your card... And I expect I will be coming to see you again fairly soon - my body loves it!! I should also tell you that this weekend in dance class I was able to do the splits on my injured leg, without any pain, for the first time in, literally, months. Amazing! Can't thank you enough. "
Karly Powell, Dancer, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #49

"Emily Huber is amazingly skilled at listening to your body and providing the healing touch that you need. She has an array of skills to pull from, each beneficial and balancing. If you haven't been to Emily then you need to make an appointment. Give your body what it needs today!"
Kelly Horrigan, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #50

"Emily is truly a healer. It is a relief and a blessing to have her as a resource for anyone that cares about their body. See you soon Emily!"
Zoi Moulinos, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #51

"Just had an amazing massage from emily last night. She is so talented! her hands really know the musculature and she is able to get DEEP in there to help work it out! Thanks Emily! You are the best!"
Lollo Romanski, LAVA Company Member, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #52

"Emily is a master!"
Molly Canoff, LAVA Company Member, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #53

"Emily is so talented. She does an incredible job of finding your weaknesses and making the pain go away! The work focuses on balancing and strengthening by slacking your muscles. Unlike any massage I've ever experienced and very worth it!"
Lee Free, Musician, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #54

"This woman-owned business is tops! Emily's spirit and love of this work is truly therapeutic & fulfilling."
Harold McNaron, Portland OR

Testimonial #55

"As someone with multiple back and neck injuries and chronic pain issues, I can't say enough about the transformative experiences I have had with Emily. She is so intuitive and always knows exactly how to help my body to heal. Her professionalism and gentle spirit are mixed to create an environment that is perfect for whatever you are needing. I have received a lot of massage over the years and I think Emily is simply the best, she uses all the modalities that best fit my needs for my issues. I Highly recommend her!!"
Guen Page, Springfeild MO

Testimonial #56

"Emily is amazing! Not only does she give a great massage, but she also does positional therapy, which is incredible! Her work is focused and she brings lots light to her work.

I don't usually fall asleep during massages, but Emily put me totally at ease while still working out all the kinks. It's an all around beautiful experience."
Shelley Nicole Jefferson, Singer/Songwriter/Musican, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #57

"If you enjoy massage on a regular basis and happen to be in Brooklyn you want to be good to yourself and have Emily Huber lay hands on you.

If you think massage is not your cup of tea but find yourself in Brooklyn, you owe it to yourself to have Emily Huber work on you because it will blow open a whole new dimension of pleasure, comfort and wellness that you are probably unaware exist.

I travel all over North America and receive all kinds of massage all over the place, I have a handful of favorite practitioners and Emily is way up there on that short list. She not only has the education to aid your hurts but her intuitive touch is something Im not sure can be taught, clearly to the manner born to it. I never miss a chance to lay down on her table and I always come away nourished, content, blissed out and well!"
Julia Camron Damon, Artist, Shape Shifter, Body Worker, Longmont CO

Testimonial #58

"Emily is an amazing massage therapist. She is very skilled and is also very understanding and compassionate. I love the way she gives "home work" to maintain the benefits of massage between sessions."
Somjen Frazer, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #59

"Emily uses a variety of techniques in her healing work. She is incredibly talented, sensitive and intelligent. Highly recommended!"
Shira Kline, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #60

"I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over Ten years and have received massages from some of the best Therapists in the world....So it is a true privilege to have Emily Huber right here in Brooklyn NY - As she is one of the extraordinary Therapists I have ever come in contact with.

Emily is intuitive on all level's - She can not only read the body and emotional/energetic layers of her client's but she can meet her client's in all of their fear's and unrest and facilitate the unearthing of negativity in order to bring out one's true health and vibrant nature.

Emily Huber at Seeing Through The Hands is a True Gem."
Tamar Haviv, Manhattan NY

Testimonial #61

"I was just there this morning. I came out with a huge smile, floating on a little cloud with my body feeling amazing. Was introduced to positional therapy. Can't wait to go back."
Marine Boudeau, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #62

"I never intended to be a local connoisseur of massage therapists, but it ended up that way. I have tried many masseuses in the nearby vicinities to the Slope area. There's a reason why each time a try a new masseuse, I end up coming back to Emily. She's just great in so many ways; in addition to providing an excellent swedish massage, she delivers a KEY suppliementally positive environment for mental relaxation. You cant relax unless you mind relaxes too...Emily knows this.

I hate going to a masseuse where I tell them whats wrong with me and they just miss it entirely. Or when their miniature hands are made of sandpaper or they simply lack the strength and endurance to go a full hour and just drill their elbow into you for the entire massage. Neither of these qualities is true for Emily; you will find that she is a KEEN listener and her strength unwaning. She will hit the pressure points and focus on the problem at hand.

I may veer off the beaten path every now and then, but in the end, I am always back to her."
Shakil Quazi, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #63

"Emily strikes a beautiful balance between training and intruition. I usually walk in jumbled and unsure of what I need, and always trust her to sense what needs doing. She always does.

After deciding I wanted to take care of my body, I saw her weekly for a few months, and was changed. Not only did she reorganize my poor muscles, her work made me conscious of how I hold myself day to day.

If you haven't tried positional therapy, I think you should! It's like magic. I am not joking.

She inspires me with the joy and energy she puts into her work, and the way she shares her techniques with anyone who wants to learn. Try learning this hip sequence with a friend - I think you will be amazed."
Abe Dolinger, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #64

"I work on my feet all day long...and I sure do feel it! I can't wait to get back on Emily's table. Emily is an amazing therapist. Not only is she extremely skilled, but she is totally present to the whole person...and the complexities of being alive and embodied. Make an appointment today! You will be glad you did."
Dylan Bosseau, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #65

"Emily is one of the best massage therapists I have been too. She has an incredible knowledge of the body, and intuitive understanding of what your body needs on any given day. Every time I get a massage with Emily, I feel like a new person, inside and out. My body feels completely released and realigned, but also energetically I feel completely renewed and refreshed. To have a massage with Emily is to be bathed in light! I couldn't recommend her services highly enough."
Erin Wilson, NYC

Testimonial #66

"Emily is amazing! I first saw her by chance because I'd woken up at my boyfriend's apartment with my neck thrown out and Emily's practice happened to be downstairs. After several incomparable massages with Emily, I found out that she is the only massage therapist many of my dancer and athlete friends trust with their bodies. Emily has healed me in times of serious injury and aided me with long-term physical issues; she has also been gracious and flexible about in-home visits for sick friends whom I had referred to her.

Without hesitation, I can say that Emily is the best massage therapist I've seen. There is no one I wouldn't refer to her and there is no one else to whom I would refer anyone."
Alex Samets, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #67

"I went to Emily last weekend while visiting Brooklyn, and I have had many massages in my life but none that have left me feeling as balanced and recharged as Emily's did. She incorporated positional therapy (which I had never heard of) into traditional soft tissue massage. At first I was a little skeptical, but when I got up of the table at the end of the session, I could immediately tell a difference. I was not only more relaxed, but I just felt like everything was back in its proper place. Emily is extremely knowledgeable about many different types of body work, and taught me some basic things to help maintain the benefits of the massage between sessions. I will definitely be going back!"
Dr. Kelli Jarrett, Boston MA

Testimonial #68

"Emily's work brings new possibilities within a person's body and mind -- from the anatomical to the magical."
Natalie Agee, Acrobat, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #69

Emily is the best! She is my go-to massage therapist in NYC. I have chronic neck and upper back issues, and she is always effective at identifying the problem areas and easing the pain. I would recommend Emily to anyone - whether you're looking for a relaxing massage or need deep tissue work. She is great at understanding her clients' needs and then delivering! You won't be disappointed!
Jennie Platt, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #70

"Emily Huber is the best massage therapist that I've ever been to, by far. She is amazingly intuitive- she can take a glance at how I'm standing and tell me how to reposition my body for better posture. She's a miracle worker- she has been able to ease chronic neck pain and re-align my body after weeks of hard work. Her positional therapy is a subtle, but genius way of getting one's body back into proper order. Not to mention the fact that she has great energy! Give Emily a try- she will not only do wonders for you during your massage session, but she can suggest exercises that you can do for yourself, every day, to stay healthy."
Erin Karcher, Durham NC

Testimonial #71

"Emily is amazing. I recommend her to all of my friends...and most of my friends play rugby, so we all need a lot of adjustment! She does positional therapy, which I had never done before. After our session, I felt more comfortable in my body then I ever had. She is so skilled and I can't wait to go back."
Amanda Leinberger, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #72

"Emily is incredible - devoted, supportive, and very generous. I struggle with both hip and lower back problems, and I leave every session with her feeling aligned and refreshed. She has given me useful tips and stretches I can do on my own to also help alleviate the pain. I can't recommend her highly enough!"
Pirronne Yousefzadeh, New York NY

Testimonial #73

"Emily helped me during a difficult time. I had been injured for a few years, and was having mobility issues. Her calming presence, and patience helped me to ease into her incredibly capable hands. I would highly recommend her services."
Zara Bode, Singer/Song Writer/ Musician, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #74

"I have gotten two massages from Emily and they were both amazing and I told my sisters, girlfriend and mother about her and they all enjoyed wonderful massages. This is a great deal too, so many of the spas in New York charge a lot more for massages than Emily does. She is in a nice location in Brooklyn too."
Dr. Robert Katz, Middletown CT

Testimonial #75

"Emily is amazing. She taught me about positional therapy. She showed me that one leg was longer than the other and then she fixed it! She has the healing touch."
Rimma Ashkinadze, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #76

"Emily gives the best massage I have ever had. I wouldn't spend my time with anyone else. A real intuitive healer!"
Amy Steinhardt, New York NY

Testimonial #77

"While training for my first and second marathons, I visited Emily regularly. I was pushing my body to new limits and my muscles were very sore. At the beginning of every session, we did a series of customized stretching exercises to help realign my body (my legs are uneven). Looking back, I believe this was a key component to preventing injury. Emily gently smoothed away all of my muscle pain. It was nothing short of magic. I always left feeling transformed. Emily was a big part of my marathon success during those two years. My husband and my sister-in-law have also had great massages with Emily. Friendly, skilled, and highly knowledgable--Emily is the very best."
Kelly Smith, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #78

"Emily is a focused, articulate and compassionate healer. She not only relieved my back pain but gave me resources to address future problems. Highly recommended."
Pat Humphries, Emma's Revolution, Mount Rainier, Maryland

Testimonial #79

"Just had the most amazing massage with Emily at Seeing Through the Hands. I am taller and more open and did not want to get off the table. Thank you!"
Lisa Och, Brooklyn NY

Testimonial #80

"Let's talk about Emily Huber. I've known her since I started massage school back in 04' and we have kept up a wonderful friendship ever since. When we met, we both lived in Harlem and my wife (then my girlfriend) and I would see her for regular massages. We both marveled at not only her technique on the table, but also at her follow up advice post treatment to best maintain the results we had received. As expected of someone who lives their passion, Emily has increased her skill set over the years. Specifically she has added Thai Massage (which she learned in Thailand), Positional Therapy, Personal Training, and Yoga Instruction, to name a few. She works out of her space in Brooklyn, which is fairly close to The C, B, Q, 2 and 3 trains. I receive a 2 hour massage with Positional Therapy from her every 2 weeks, and it's been life changing for me during a year where I've been starting over in many ways.

Why speak on someone who offers similar services to me?

  • My schedule is typically nuts and I want to make sure you all get the very best massage and personal training that you can get whether you are able to book with me or not.
  • I am not a yoga instructor
  • Some of you or those you know don't want to receive massage from a male.
  • I many not be geographically convenient to all those on my list.

So, if you fit any of those categories, reach out to Emily . She has my highest recommendation"
James Nicholson at Evolved- Fitness, NYC

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